Trusted Experience Makes All the Difference - At Francis Pump & Well Service we put hard work and dedication as our top priority. Our strong family values, commitment to quality service and dedication to work passed on from generation to generation is your guarantee. Our team of licensed and certified specialists undergo training each year and have worked hard to become experts in their chosen fields. Francis Pump & Well Service was originally C.L. Jennings Well Drilling. Our logs show that it was in operation in the early 1940s and that C.L. Jennings was a third-generation driller. In 1976 C.L. Jennings Well Drilling was purchased by Tim Bailey and became Bailey Pump And Well Drilling. In 1978 Leon Francis went to work for Bailey Pump and Well Service. In 1981 Leon and Kathy Francis purchased Bailey Pump and Well Service and we became Francis Pump & Well Service, Inc. In 1983 Leon Francis of Francis Pump & Well Service chose to "go green" and condition his home with geothermal energy. Not able to find a heating and cooling contractor willing to work with geothermal, Leon decided to move ahead without them. Leon went to the leaders in geothermal research at the time, Oklahoma State University, and took classes. When he returned in the spring of 1983, the first geothermal unit in southeast Iowa was installed in his home. 30 years later that unit is still in operation. Leon then went into the heating and cooling business specifically to go green. We were green before it was cool. In 1985 Francis Pump & Well Service purchased Anderson Plumbing. This expanded us into the more conventional types of heating and cooling to go along with our geothermal line. In 1989 Francis Pump & Well Service purchased Allen Air, a company in Burlington, IA. At this time, we started operating our heating and cooling division as Francis Heating & Air. In 2001 Ray Francis became one of only 6 Master Groundwater Contractors in the state of Iowa. Call us for services based on dedication, commitment, and years of expertise.

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